Public Humiliation


Welcome to Public Humiliation. This is just a compilation of funny conversation from Wolfhome that I've collected over the years. Over that time, I have lost some of the updates and had to rely on old backup files, which is what I'm having to do once again. I have not had as much time to dedicate to collecting and adding new content so I am in the process of allowing users to submit their funny conversations, under my approval of course.

At the moment, this site is under construction. My other web host deleted my account unexpectedly, so the original Public Humiliation site has been down for a while, and I just recently felt motivated enough to try to rebuild for a third time. I'll update as I go.

  • October 24, 2016 - The site went down for some time due tomy lack of activity, but I got it fully restored. More updates will go in a blog post.
  • December 18, 2013 - Another long stretch of no updating. Life outside of the internet has become chaotic and my presence on Wolfhome has been spotty at best. Health issues also cause limitations on my computer time. I'm not sure how dead this site actually is but perhaps I can kind of "revive" it and somewhat rely on user submitted content. Hopefully I can try to get back into the swing of things.
  • May 9, 2013 - It's been a while since I've accessed the site due to a hiatus from Wolfhome. I'm slowly reintegrating myself to the site and reestablishing myself there. I normally work 5 days a week and usually into the night so time is my main issue. Hopefully I will be able to start adding new content soon! 
  •  July 28, 2010 - Got the backup of the conversations up, but I'm in the process of making it look right. Also added a couple of links. I'll be spending some time tomorrow adding a form so users can submit their stuff and get it functional. For now, this will do.
  • July 29, 2010 - User submission form page is up and functioning, HOWEVER, there is a limit on how many forms can be submitted per month. 25 per month, I think. I don't think I'll ever reach it, but worth mentioning I guess. Anyway, going to start working on making the actual logs page look nicer and set up a User Submitted page so I can post any submitted stuff. Update: Got the PH Logs page all finished up for the most part. I'll have to look over it again to make sure there's no spacing issues.
  • Updates will now be posted in the Blog. Check there for important information!